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It's not just a new phone. It brings a new way of thinking about what a phone can do.

Galaxy NoteGalaxy SGalaxy AAccessories
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) Smartphone 6GB... $506.84 +GSTPB Tech price:$557.53 inc GSTPB Tech price:
(7 Ratings)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G SM-G988B... $1,863.79 +GSTPB Tech price:$2,050.17 inc GSTPB Tech price:
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Smartphone 12GB... $1,779.03 +GST$1,956.94 inc GST


Samsung UHD TV delivers exceptional detail and stunning clarity.

Samsung 43RU7100 43" 4K Smart TV $711.53 +GSTPB Tech price:$782.68 inc GSTPB Tech price:
(3 Ratings)
Samsung 65RU8000 65" 4K Premium Smart TV... $1,462.05 +GST$1,608.26 inc GST
Samsung Q60R 82" 4K QLED Smart TV $4,581.09 +GSTPB Tech price:$5,039.20 inc GSTPB Tech price:


Brilliant Displays, Incredibly slim profile and stylish, contemporary design.

Curved UHD
Samsung S24F350F 24" LED Monitor,... $146.49 +GSTPB Tech price:$161.14 inc GSTPB Tech price:
(74 Ratings)
Samsung U32J590UQE 32" UHD LED Monitor , $554.60 +GSTPB Tech price:$610.06 inc GSTPB Tech price:
(12 Ratings)
Samsung LC34J791 34" Curved Ultrawide... $1,168.67 +GSTPB Tech price:$1,285.53 inc GSTPB Tech price:
(6 Ratings)


Memory for Life, Powerful, safe and reliable with Samsung Memory & Storage.

SSD Portable SSD Memory Cards
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB M.2 (2280)... $123.79 +GSTPB Tech price:$136.17 inc GSTPB Tech price:
(15 Ratings)
Samsung Portable SSD T5 500GB, USB 3.1 ... $146.00 +GSTPB Tech price:$160.60 inc GSTPB Tech price:
(49 Ratings)
Samsung EVO PLUS 256GB Micro SDXC with... $80.71 +GSTPB Tech price:$88.79 inc GSTPB Tech price:
(24 Ratings)

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