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PB Tech strongly believes that students should have access to the best tech to help them learn, create, and develop strong digital & tech skills to bring with them into their futures. With the digital industry ever-growing and technology becoming more and more implemented into our daily lives, it’s crucial that young Australians have access to tech in schools.


Why choose PB Education for your school?

Our education business has been built on the fundamentals of having a large stock holding at the best price for schools. Through our unique global sourcing and local distributor agreements we can offer over 5000 products at the best prices, ready to ship to your school.

PB’s dedicated Education team work tirelessly to bring leading technology brands to Australasian schools such as Apple, Dell, HP, Chromebooks, and more. We also work hard to bring educational tech workshops to schools and teachers. These encourage the development of engineering, programming, team-building, mathematical, digital, robotic, scientific and problem-solving skills within the classroom. 


How to open a Credit account with PB Education

If you would like to open a Credit Account with PB Education please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and let us know. You will be contacted by a PB Education account manager, their job is to assist you in anything that you require.

From Primary to Tertiary - PB Tech has a solution to suit all school levels

Apple, Google, Microsoft & STEM - Learn more about PB Tech's vast range of Education technology


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