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Lockable USB Tablet Charging Trolly for Schools and Office

Posted in Articles on 18/7/2018

Picture of tablet charging station at PB Tech Australia

Just landed at PB Tech, the latest Chenbro USB Charging Stations for Apple iPad and Android Tablets are available now in Australia.

These latest versions offer a secure, stackable cabinet design with cooling that can charge multiple tablets at once - perfect for busy classrooms or office environments.

Key features:

- Stores up to 10 units.
- Adjustable shelves to accommodate tablets with protective covers/cases.
- Active fan ventilation system built-in to prevent over-heating environment during operation.
- Stackable, 90-degree savvy, heavy-duty cabinet design.
- Slide-in door for space saving.
- Suitable for iOS / Android tablet.

The adjustable design for the tablet slots will allow you to fit 10 standard tablets in the cabinet, these slots can also be adjusted allowing for tablets in cases to be placed into the charging station also.

Tablet Sizes / Storage Capacity is based on the thickness of the tablets being placed within the charging station.

10 Tablets
Thickness: 28mm
Width: 242mm
Depth: 280mm

8 Tablets
Thickness: 37mm

6 Tablets
Thickness: 52mm

For additional space saving, PB Tech also has a convenient wall mounting kit available. If you've been looking for a secure, USB tablet charging cabinet at a great price - get yourself the latest Chenbro Tablet Charging Station at PB Tech today

UPDATE: For those looking to charge larger devices, be sure to check out the new Laptop and Chromebook Charging Trolly as well!

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