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"Awesome customer service from wellington team! Had an out of box failure of hardware i recently purchased. Team member at service desk was super helpful and promptly replaced it with a new one without any challenge."
Aaron - 27/11/2019
"Walked into the PB Tec Christchurch today with only a vague idea about the laptop I'd like to purchase, and big hopes for finding friendly and knowledgable staff to help me out. I was not dissapointed. PB Tec's staf Chris Wong was amazing (very knowledgable and very patient, yet not pushing to sell at all). As a result, I walked out of the story with a new laptop, confident that I got the best product for my needs and for a reasonable prise. I will recomend this store to my friends, and I plan on returning to PB Tec again in the future."
Ksenija - 23/11/2019
"Epic place excited to buy my PC parts from these guys"
Trent - 23/11/2019
"Epic humans, epic tech. So epic"
Jack - 18/11/2019
"Had Mark N at PB Manukau help me out and he was great. Appreciate the service and definitely sticking with PB"
Lukas - 17/11/2019
"Bruv the mandem of the pb tech at manikz are wild bruv! outstanding service. Yours Sincerely - -SkenG Lord"
Skenga - 06/11/2019
"Chur as these guys rock"
Daniel - 31/10/2019
"Great service for you team members thanks"
Mohammed - 24/10/2019
"Caitlin from counter at Manukau branch: Very good service 20 stars out of 10!!!"
Jerry - 18/10/2019
"Hey there PB Tech team (Christchurch), just wanted to say you lot are awesome. Got one of the new NUCs about a fortnight ago with my quarterly bonus and it's working very well as a Minecraft server PC running Linux Mint. Keep up the amazing work!"
Jeremy - 16/10/2019
"Another very satisfied customer of Mark Neunzerling from the PB Manukau store. Went in to upgrade my Motherboard/CPU & RAM, Mark explained why the ones I had shortlisted wouldn't be the best choice for me and directed me to some better long term options. The motherboard we agreed would suit me best wasn't in stock so Mark arranged for all 3 items to be delivered to me at work. This was all on Sunday, on Wednesday I received a follow-up email from Mark, checking in to make sure I had received everything and was not having any issues, unfortunately I was having a minor issue, so I popped back into the store today and he sorted it all out for me. Very happy indeed with the service from Mark, very nice & friendly chap and will definitely be going directly to Mark for my next upgrades and recommending him to all my friends. Thanks, Jarred."
Jarred - 12/10/2019
"Bought a new. Modem of on tech and had an issues setting it up gave the tech support a ring and they were awesome would not hesitate to recommend them"
Scott - 12/10/2019
"Hello PB CHCH Team, Last weekend i popped in to your store to looking for a laptop. I have gone through the website and selected few before i entered there. The first sales person helped me to reduce those to three laptops by providing much needed updated information. I want to emphasize one thing about your store that no any sales person are putting extra pressure to buy but sharing their expert knowledge which might help customers to choose the right product. That is one of the reasons i passed through all the Tech stores in the town and come to your store. (which is bit far for my location) Finally i want to give a special credit to Mr Jonny Greenless who helped me choose the laptop by providing important information with a very professional manner. All the best team, looking forward to experience the same or even better service in future. Best regards, Iranga Ranasinghe"
Iranga - 09/10/2019
"Brought my stuff from Mark N. at the Manukau store. Got me exactly what I needed, at the price point I wanted. Even after I made it hard for him to meet my needs. One of the Friendliest staff I've dealt with anywhere!!!"
Chris - 06/10/2019
"Went to PBTech in Manukau 2 weeks ago and were fortunate enough to have met Mark Neunzerling who went out of his way to advise and help my son who was spending his savings on upgrading his computer.Mark was very helpful with advice and also extremely knowledgeable about the different parts and specs etc.He assisted my son with decisions and then also ensured we were looked after very well all the way through the technical department for the rebuild right up to loading everything into my car when I collected it all.Well done PBTech (and Mark) for such amazing customer service.It is a rare thing these days!We will be back."
Lorene - 04/10/2019
"Went to PBTech store in Christchurch today after a lot of frustration purchasing an apple wifi extender from Noel Leemings. Was greeted by Jonny Greenless and told him my brother and I had came problem no internet in one room. I found Jonny to be well informed pleasant and forthright with great advise to solve our problem. Hence we both purchased an Asus RT-AC86U wireless router and we look forward to purchasing more from PBTech in the future."
Alan - 17/09/2019
"Hi, I have no idea on technology these days, but the service was awesome. Needed a new battery for my phone and it was quick and easy. Didn't have to answer any technology questions which I have no clue about. Just got good easy service. Cheers."
Richard. - 15/09/2019
"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Victor many times over the last few months, he is my go-to guy within the Penrose superstore. He knows his stuff and constantly provides me with the best possible solution within our budget - he is a legend!"
Nick - 09/09/2019
"I needed a custom built computer for photography. Great service from the Tauranga store. Helpful and friendly staff. Amazing fast computer...very happy. Thanks for making the purchase so easy and hassle free."
Sarah - 31/08/2019
"Just top-notch customer service - as always. I've -never- had a bad experience shopping at PB Tech. They take care of you."
Adam - 09/08/2019
"Massive thank you to Mark N @ the Manukau store. I needed to upgrade a few parts on my gaming P.C and the level of customer service I received from Mark was second to none. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. not only did Mark save me money thanks to his expert advice but he also saved me an uncomfortable couch sleeping experience!!"
Anthony - 09/08/2019
"Had a great streamlined experience when buying my Sennheiser GSP 300's."
zac - 31/07/2019
"Ordered an Inwin 909 since they're discontinued in the US and I couldnt find anyone here with a silver one. Linda from the head office emailed me through the whole ordeal and kept me updated and they shipped that bad boy in no time flat. Shipping was kinda expensive but I expected that and it was a little less than I originally anticipated. Case arrived today in great condition no scratches, dings or dents in an all aluminum and tempered glass 50lb case. Great Job, great service and great shipping. Will buy from here again if I cant find the parts I need in the US."
Mike - 30/07/2019
"I just to express my thanks to PB Tech’s technical staff, specifically Tyler Coster. His guys (Vito) took receipt of a faulty three month Asus laptop yesterday afternoon. It belongs to our engineer, Piotr Nowak who is working with us on our earthquake damaged house in preparation for a court case. I explained to Tyler the urgency and sensitivity of the data on the non-functioning laptop, bought an SSD (that we supplied PB Tech!) to recover the data onto and he and his team have done the rest in record time. Tyler not only called me to followup today to say they had saved the data, he also managed to repair the laptop! What fantastic service for a PB Tech customer who makes a living off the IT gear he has bought from you. Thank you again Joe, superb customer service under pressure."
Jeff - 25/07/2019
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