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Top 5 Water Cooling Kits

Posted in Buying Guides (updated on 14/7/2020)

Picture of AIO Water Cooling Kits at PB Tech

What is the best AiO water cooling kit? A very good question indeed! Luckily for us all, we’re taking a quick look at the range of AiO Water Cooling kits from Cooler Master, Corsair, EVGA, ASUSDeepcool, Gigabyte and NZXT available now at PB Tech.

A quick note for those who are new to AiO (All in One) Water Cooling and why we want it; having a water cooling kit fitted inside your Gaming PC can reduce noise & temperatures not only on the component it's directly fitted too, but also the overall system due to the way the kits flexible radiator placement lets you move the heat away from other components, also, the small form factor or AiO kits often allow for better airflow over the motherboard itself. Also worth mentioning, some of the kits look absolutely fantastic, but that's subjective so for now...

Let's kick back and CHILL :P

1. CM MasterLiquid ML120R CPU Water Cooling

The excellent 120mm Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120R is the current king of AiO Water Cooling kits, oh-so affordable and optimised for low noise while still being extremely easy to install with a 120mm radiator and compatibility with both the latest Intel and Ryzen sockets, and also older CPU socket types.

Installing is easy thanks to very smart design, small touches like the way in which Cooler Master made the bracket attachment screws come in from underneath so they hold in place while you secure them and the included RGB hub for users that don't have a dedicated RGB header on their motherboard put this kit ahead of the rest. 

And speaking of RGB lighting features, it's also compatible with Asus AURA, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSi Mystic Light Sync and ASRock RGB LED making this kit pretty darn appealing for anyone that's working with multiple RGB components in their system. There is also 240mm Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R available for those looking for a smaller water cooling kit at a great price :)

Quick shout out to Cooler Master here for another similar kit that's built for the AMD ThreadRipper series, the ML240 & ML280 are compatible with both the original TR4, and new sTRX4 socket.

Check out the full range in the massive Cooler Master Store today!

2. NZXT Z63 CPU Water Cooling

NZXT have continued to improve their design for the Kraken AiO Water Cooling series and the latest Z63 and Z73 models are crazy good. Improvements include a rotatable cap for builds with tight RAM spacing, so we can now simply twist to suit the build - such a good feature! 

With a very bright, 2.36” LCD screen on the CPU block that's capable of displaying 16 million colours, we can now completely customise the look of our CPU cooler with custom images, sweet gifs or insightful CAM data too - this is by far the clearest screen of its kind too, really impressive stuff!

The tubing itself is utterly beautiful as well, sleeved from the twisty CPU block right into the radiator. It's also the only kit in our top 5 list that doesn't have an RGB on the fans themselves, making it ideal for a build that doesn't want all the bling.

The NZXT Z63 Water Cooling Kit is exceptionally quiet and performs beautifully - it also comes in a range of sizes to suit your chassis - check out the massive range in the NZXT store.

3. CM ML240P Mirage CPU Water Cooling 

With this in your system, it's going to turn heads, this kit is so attractive to the eyes (and ears, it's super quiet) that your undoubtedly going to have trouble focusing on your screen :) Part of Cooler Master new Mirage series and that fancy pump exposes the impeller within.

Configured for high airflow with 2x 120MM MasterFan Mirage ARGB, and that A indicates the addressable nature of the fans, allowing us to have true rainbow effects or solid colours. The tubing is both durable and flexible for perfect positioning within your system.

Inside you'll find AM4 socket bracket within the box making is savvy for your next Ryzen build, and you're also good to use with Coffee Lake Intel CPU which continue to work with the 1151 socket type.

The 240mm MasterLiquid ML240P is an exceptionally good kit, both in terms of quiet performance and eye-catching design, check out the full range in the Cooler Master Store today!

4. AORUS 240 CPU Water Cooling

NEW! A glorious new addition to the range here at PB Tech is this AORUS 240 which features a rather unique (and certainly eye-catching) 60mm circular full-colour display! It does not just look good though, you can actually select GPU model ID, clock rates, temperatures, fan speeds and more to be shown on this one - it's utterly awesome looking and gives you instant access to live stats!

The new AORUS water cooling setups are extremely well made too, the kit feels premium not only on the fancy pump, but also on the connected RGB fans and radiator. 

Compatible with both Intel and AMD these kits are sure to make their way into many Gaming PCs going forward, fair enough to, they look fantastic.

The AORUS 240 All-in-one Water Cooling Kit is just part of the exciting new range, there are also 280mm and 360mm variants to check out in the Gigabyte Store!

5. Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB CPU Water Cooling 

Corsair well and truly jumped into the premium addressable LED all-in-one water cooling game. Refining their already excellent coolers legacy with this new series of Platinum options that feature vivid RGB goodness.

16 individually controlled RGB LEDs light up the pump head to produce stunning, customisable lighting effects to match your build. Each fan is capable of running from 400 (oh so quiet) to 2,400 RPM (Seriously chilling) while in operation, and a thermally optimised cold plate and low-noise pump design for high performance, quiet cooling.

For RGB customisation Corsair have continued to improve their already excellent iCue software suite. iCUE unites all of your compatible Corsair components and devices, making it easy to customise all connected components and gaming gears.

With sizes to suit a range of chassis, and the wonderful white colour Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM SE, the latest water cooling kits sure are looking good! Check out the full range in the Corsair Store today! 

WOAH! We've hit 5 amazing AiO Water Cooling Kits already... better cool off for now :P 

These are just a small slice from the massive PC Component range available today, with even more new options incoming we'll continue to update this article with the latest and best!

Shop Water Cooling Kits from Asus, Deepcool, Intel & MORE! Show me everything!

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