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huge shout out to christian ,lance and the assistant manager of pbtech christchurch for helping me out of my problem with my rig and getting me a new one. I will go back to purchase more just because of them helping me out.

By: Guest 08/08/17

A massive thanks to Grace at the returns department who helped me out massively with an urgent return and was very patient on the phone.

By: HaydenB919 01/08/17

Just wanted to give a shout out to the great team at PB Tech, I had a nightmare of a time with a faulty laptop but they took great care of me and pushed my job forward as urgent to ensure I had a computer to work with. Massive thanks to Sylvia and...view more

By: HaydenB919 01/08/17

Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Alan (service manager) at PB Tech Tauranga who went out of his way to help me get my new PC up and running -- not only on the phone but also staying late to wait for me to bring my system in to test after...view more

By: Guest 03/07/17

Huge shout out to the staff at the Hamilton Store who went out of their way tp replace faulty laptop chargers. I just wanted the staff to know that I appreciated the time they took to deal with the problems. My twins are in school happy today with...view more

By: Guest 21/06/17

I would like to pay compliment to Mr. Aaron Kao, the Manager and the attending technician, Tyrone who served me when I came to have my virus infected laptop serviced. They are a great team and their professionalism is commendable. They are attentive...view more

By: Guest 07/06/17

I have always had good service at your stores, but Lester Zhou at the Manukau branch has provided exceptional service. He is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly and a pleasure to do business with.

By: Guest 29/05/17

PB Tech is an absolutely outstanding store! Whenever I need something and I order it online, it is always on my doorstep the next day! Huge thanks to everyone at PB Tech for your excellent service. This is by far the best place in the country to buy...view more

By: JoshuaW36 22/05/17

Brian from the Hamilton team has been an absolutely amazing help with the build of our PC. Knows his stuff and managed to secure the best hardware for the build.

By: Guest 04/04/17

I just wanna really thank everyone at PB Tech Hamilton for being such a great team. I have owned and operated an IT support business in Raglan for the last 17 years, and have flourished with PB Tech Hamilton as my supplier. My amazing, well...view more

By: Guest 29/03/17

Thank you to your team for looking after me on Saturday and Sunday with my purchase and then the repair on Sunday urgently to get me back to Dunedin.

I am very appreciative of your service and found your team very supportive and friendly.

Also ...view more

By: Guest 14/03/17

PB Tech is a great store and from the moment you walk through the door it really feels like you enter a whole new world and all the struggles and first world problems are instantaneously taken off your shoulder. The staff are always really nice and...view more

By: Guest 13/03/17

I'd like to say that Soen On So was very helpful and very good at providing technical supports in my time of need.

By: Guest 11/03/17

Man, I wanted to mention how grateful I am. Was looking for a Digital Recorder, previous one just died, needed to shoot for a martial art form. Searched all over local NZ stores, very few had good quality ones, fewer had any in stock. Didn't see it...view more

By: OttoB 10/03/17

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dave Moynahan who was so friendly and helpful with my online purchase issue. Amazing service!

By: Guest 24/02/17

I would like to say a BIG thanks to Anthony Aguilar and his Team at the PB Technology Christchurch branch. Because their customer service is Awesome and Exceptional..... I say this because my computer got misplaced by the courier's at their branch...view more

By: Guest 24/02/17

I purchased a tablet from shop display because no others of that moidel were available. Unfortunately it turned out to have a couple of problems. PB checked the problems and gave me a credit but I was unable to find (with friendly staff assistance)...view more

By: Guest 05/01/17

A great Pb tech experience. The staff really know what they are doing and they are enthusiast about tech which really shows when you need a hand. I buy most of my tech here because I know if anything goes wrong I can get a hand.

By: RalphH1 01/01/17

Huge thanks to Jamie in the Hamilton branch who helped and installed a new stick of RAM in an off-lease PC for me. He even tested and verified that everything was working! Very much appreciated

By: AidanC8 30/12/16

Helpful Dedicated and Enthusiastic Staff Well Done!!!

I purchased components to make my first computer 2 days ago. Things did not go well and the computer failed to start. (A faulty RAM stick we discovered later)

Being my first build, I was a ...view more

By: Guest 11/12/16

Hi, I now source all of my ICT needs from PBTech. Not only do they have the best range in Wellington, but their repair service is without parallel. I have brought in 5 PCs over recent months to fix a range of problems, so that I can keep on folding...view more

By: Guest 28/11/16

3rd purchase just recently, Rex Liu & Phillip Li had assisted on the item export and discounts! Despite my 1 shortfall of a laptop mobo/gpu being faulty. I will recommend Pbtech as a good place to purchase items.

By: Guest 18/11/16

Have bought a ton of stuff from these guys over the years, never had a problem - until my last PC build a couple of months ago. It was a complete replacement build - bought some great components, put it all together and worked a treat... for about...view more

By: Guest 11/11/16

I came into your Hamilton store on Wednesday 2nd November to build a PC and was helped by a gentleman by the name of Brian White. I would just like to say I was extremely impressed with his customer service & mannerism which was friendly and fun...view more

By: Guest 05/11/16