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  • Gaming PCs

    Gaming PC Desktop PC fitted with gaming grade graphics cards, powerful processors, fast RAM and colourful lighting.

  • Home & Study PC's

    Home & Study PC An everyday Desktop PC ideal for the home or office.

  • Business PCs

    Business PC Versatile, reliable Desktop PC recommended for everyday business use.

  • Compact PCs

    Compact PC Extremely small form factor PC suitable for the living room or office

  • 2-in-1 / Flip Laptops

    Workstations Powerful Desktop PC often equipped with workstation grade graphics cards. Designed for running demanding software.

  • Upgrade Boxes

    Upgrade Boxes Fully assembled Desktop PC that you can easily add the Windows 10 OS.

  • Off Lease Desktop PCs

    Off-Lease Desktop PC Premium refurbished Desktop PC options that offer great value.

  • Custom PC

    Custom PC Custom design your own Desktop PC and have PB Tech build it for you.

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Popular Business PCs

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Whether you’re looking for a powerful gaming PC with the latest coolers and graphics cards, business PCs for the office, a durable home/family PC or wanting to build your own barebones from scratch, we’ve got a massive range of compact PCs, parts, hard drives and workstations to suit every functionality. PB are known across the country for our comprehensive range of computer stock to suit your heart’s desire and our PCs that are built by computer people for computer people.


Thinking PCs? Think PB Tech. Make the smarter choice.

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