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Choose the BEST Gaming Monitor for your Gaming PC

Posted in Articles on 27/6/2018
To find the best gaming monitor for you we first n... Read More

Phanteks P350X Black & White Available now at PB...

Posted in Articles on 26/6/2018
Like all Phanteks cases, the build quality is top ... Read More

Stream PC Gaming to your Smartphone with STEAM...

Posted in Articles on 18/5/2018
Steam Link BETA allows us to play PC games on our ... Read More

Headphones Buying Guide

Posted in Articles on 17/4/2018 (updated on 01/5/2018)
There has never been a better range of headphones ... Read More

What is a Wireless Mesh Network?

Posted in Articles on 21/2/2017 (updated on 25/2/2018)
A wireless mesh network (WMN) is a communications ... Read More

How to keep your PC dust free - PB Guide

Posted in Articles on 16/10/2015 (updated on 22/2/2018)
Dust is one of a PC’s worst enemies, it can buil... Read More
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