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Preventing disruption

Darktrace’s mission is to empower organisations to stop the disruption that cyber-threats can cause, across digital infrastructures everywhere. Amid a constantly changing threat landscape, Darktrace AI enables organisations of all industry sectors to build up resilience against novel attacks, by autonomously learning their ‘digital DNA’.

The technology requires no a priori assumptions, pre-programmed responses, or threat intelligence. Instead, Self-Learning AI autonomously creates a bespoke understanding of your organisation in real time, evolving with your business, even through times of sudden and unexpected change.

A self-learning approach is critical as the threats that get inside your digital ecosystem will typically not be historical attacks but either novel threats that have evaded your existing defensive tools or malicious or negligent insiders and suppliers. With its understanding of ‘normal’ at the user, device, and peer-group level, Self-Learning AI is able to detect and respond in real time to the subtlest signals of malicious activity as it emerges.

PB Tech x Darktrace Cybersecurity Virtual Panel

Watch our virtual panel where PB Tech Head of Commercial Rodney Featherstone talks and Darktrace discuss how most ransomware attacks in New Zealand were perpetrated and how businesses can protect themselves from ransomware.

Watch the demo on Darktrace tools that protect your organisation and reduce your costs of security monitoring, which is often one of the first reductions businesses make - leading to the dreaded set and forget security policy.

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