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I just to express my thanks to PB Tech’s technical staff, specifically Tyler Coster.

His guys (Vito) took receipt of a faulty three month Asus laptop yesterday afternoon. It belongs to our engineer, Piotr Nowak who is working with us on our earth...view more

By: Guest 25/07/19

I purchased a PC and accessories Late 2018. The power cord to the PC was faulty and I put off sending an email about it because I could't be bothered with the effort. When I did send the email the person that I talked to had the issue sorted within...view more

By: Guest 11/07/19

Hi PB Tech team, I hardly ever write a review but I must make an exception today. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to two guys from Auckland CBD branch on Queen street. David Sun (Technical dep.) and especially Wenwen Li (I hope I...view more

By: Guest 09/07/19

I had to buy a new laptop fast because my old one had failed. Carl helped me with the utmost patience and respect and helped me make informed choices. Just a really great customer experience and one that is so seldom seen these days. No pressure to...view more

By: Guest 03/07/19

My name's Steven O'Connor and I made a recent purchase of a custom build PC at PB Tech Christchurch. I found your email contact on the website.
...view more

By: Guest 30/06/19

Chat from the Christchurch branch is THEEE man. Have been dealing with him for a while now and every time I see him he always makes me feel welcome & valued. Thanks heaps Chat, and keep up the good work. See you next time bro.

By: Guest 27/06/19

I was in your shop a month ago and purchased a new PB Tech built PC for my partner along with a couple of 24 inch screen. She was thrilled and really liked the RGB lights at the front, and I liked the 16gb of RAM.

One issue with the PC came up wh...view more

By: Guest 22/06/19

I am writing this to commend two of your employees.

I had an issue with my dash cam recently purchased in your store, so it went into the service department. The issue was that an SD card had been inserted incorrectly and there was no charge beca...view more

By: Guest 22/06/19

I purchased at TP Link off your company about 3 weeks back. I have had on going issues trying to get it set up. I have come back to your company 3-4 times to try sort this out. To be honest it has been frustrating a painful dealing with your staff...view more

By: Guest 22/06/19

I came shopping this afternoon to North Shore store with a friend who has had a traumatic time and is completely thrown by any tech.. She had to buy a new laptop cos the one she'd used very occasionally had been lent her by a friend and they wanted...view more

By: Guest 16/06/19

We had a small Asus laptop and the screen worked independently from the keyboard. It was around 4 years old and the screen was not charging up or working. My husband took it to you and ask if someone could help us. It turned out that the charging...view more

By: Guest 12/06/19

Hey team I just wanted to pass on my gratitude to the staff at yr queens Street store - I've been there a few times now and I can genuinely say they're the best I've come across in the tech field. I'm originally from Wgtn so i'm a little more...view more

By: Guest 09/06/19

I was looking at buying a new computer and went to the Auckland CBD store. Michael Li was a huge help, he gave great advice and was patient while I decided and went through the purchasing process. He did his best for deals and made sure I was...view more

By: Guest 08/06/19

I've shopped at PBTech a number of times in the past, but I wanted to take the time to thank Mark N in the Manukau store. I came in yesterday near closing time to buy some new parts because my old computer had died. I had put together a list of parts...view more

By: Guest 06/06/19

Since their arrival in Christchurch, PBTech is now always my first stop for my tech needs. I have bought a few items from them now and have used their repair service as well and have never had a bad experience. Their sales are fantastic and their...view more

By: Guest 24/05/19

hay i purchased a corsair k70 mk.2 keyboard last week and its amazing my mouse on the other hand is not so great so will diffidently be coming back to grab one of those

By: Guest 23/05/19

Huge thank you to PBTech in general, for quite a long time I have always compared prices between Mighty Ape and here and always this company blasts their prices out of the water! I recently custom built a PC using the handy PC builder that PB has to...view more

By: BlakeJ8 20/05/19

Extremely high customer service from the Manukau branch. I approached a sales assistant Mark N and questioned him about my desktop I purchased off trade me. He was very helpful went out of his way to have a look at the desktop and gave me honest...view more

By: Guest 15/05/19

I'm from Napier and 3 weeks ago I visited your Manukau store (due to a recommendation) as I needed to replace my dead laptop. I was looking closely at an HP laptop that was on display and sought some help. The person I approached was Mark N who was...view more

By: Guest 09/05/19


By: SagrenG1 01/05/19